The South Australian Government has released a program supporting businesses to become more energy efficient. It’s an attractive program and the most help South Australian businesses have ever received to reduce their energy costs.

Welcome Assistance for South Australian Businesses

Businesses in SA have had a really hard time in relation to electricity. Prices have increased dramatically. Some of our commercial clients have had their electricity bill increase by as much as 85% as a result of recent tariff increases. For some businesses, this has increased their yearly electricity expenditure by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And for what? Nothing – it’s the same electricity.

Only it seems to be getting less reliable each year. Other clients have reported a cost to their business of $10,000 every time the power goes out…

Clearly it’s not easy to remain competitive when being hit by these challenges.

In response, the South Australian Government has released a $31m grant program to assist large energy using businesses to reduce their electricity costs.

Energy Productivity Program

There are 2 aspects to the grant program that apply to most large users of electricity:

Energy Productivity Audit Grant Program

  • Grants of 75% of the cost of a Level 2 energy audit, up to $15,000, to businesses to engage an external energy auditor to identify energy productivity opportunities.

Energy Productivity Implementation Grant Program

  • Grants to implement the recommendations of the audits conducted through the Energy Productivity Audit.
  • The implementation of energy saving projects are subsidised by 50%, up to a Government contribution of $75,000 per business.

Get the Support While it’s Available

This is an opportunity too good to miss out on. Government funding of this scale may not come around again for a very long time – if ever. This is taxpayer funded and an opportunity to get some meaningful return on your hard-earned tax contributions. And then instead of wasting your money on rising energy costs, it can be freed up to invest in things that are actually useful and profitable for your business.

Working with Energywise

Energywise has been reducing the energy costs of South Australian businesses for 10 years. In fact, we’ve helped South Australian businesses save over $4,000,000 in their energy costs.

Qualifications of Energywise personnel include electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, electronic engineers and lighting engineers. Accreditations include NABERS accreditation, Green Star accreditation, ISO 9000:2002, ISO 55000 and ISO 14000 certification and an Australian Advisory Committee Member for ISO standards. We are experienced in conducting level 2 energy audits in accordance with this grants requirements.

Find out if You Qualify

To find out more about the program and discuss if you are likely to qualify, contact David Thompson at Energywise on 0412 525 412.

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