Improve business profitability and employee productivity

You can benefit from more than just electricity bill savings when you become more energy efficient

There are many examples specific to different industry, building and occupation types. Here are a few to get you thinking about what benefits might exist for your business.

Increase Retail Visibility

A professionally designed lighting solution increases light levels and quality throughout a building. If your customers in a retail store or supermarket are better able to see all of your merchandise, how could this effect your sales? Even a tiny boost in sales would go a long way to covering the investment in a new lighting solution.

Less Worker Error and Scrap Levels

Poor light levels in manufacturing plants can increase worker error and scrap levels. If you run a manufacturing plant, how would a professional lighting solution that helps reduce the waste of raw materials and downtime improve your production volumes and profitability?

No More Thermostat Arguments

Over heating or over cooling of building spaces is a common source of discomfort for people. This can diminish productivity, harmony (many people have experienced thermostat wars among colleagues) and the number of sick days. There are automated, more intelligent ways of maintaining thermal comfort within a building. How would more comfortable, happier team members improve your work environment and results?

Help Protect Your Valuable Equipment

In many parts of Australia power surges frequently damage sensitive equipment such as computers, inverter air-conditioners and electronic appliances. Not only does this represent a cost to your business, but it’s also a hassle and requires wasted time and money to deal with, when you’ve got far more important things to do. Wouldn’t you prefer to not have to worry about this?

Improve Guest and Workplace Comfort

Ventilation/ exhaust fans often operate far louder than they need to, annoying restaurant/ café patrons, kitchen staff, office workers or accommodation guests. How important is guest or workplace comfort for your business?

Green Credentials and an Environmentally Responsible Public Image

Reducing your carbon emission footprint not only benefits the environment, but it can also enable you to meet supply chain requirements and open up new business opportunities. Many corporate clients, as well as the general public, choose to support businesses who make a genuine effort to improve their environmental performance. If you run a hotel, how would winning new conference clients as a result of improved environmental performance help meet your sales targets? You may not realise it, but some of Australia’s largest companies select conference venues with this as a key criteria. If you’re a manufacturer, what other companies may be interested in buying your products if you can meet higher environmental performance standards in the supply chain? If you’re a retailer, how can promoting a green image attract new customers? No matter what your business type, how could your core business benefit from becoming greener?

Improved Work Quality and Productivity

Incorrect lighting (too much glare, too dull, dark spots from uneven light spread etc.) can contribute to headaches, fatigue, poor concentration and diminished work quality. How would a properly designed lighting solution that helps your people work in comfort for the whole day impact productivity, morale and staff retention? What is it worth to your business to get the best out of your people?

Reduced Exposure to Litigation

Insufficient light levels can breach OH&S regulations and expose businesses to litigation risks if staff or clients injure themselves. How would it feel for someone to be injured on your premises as a result of this, and to be hit with a claim, when it was so easy to avoid?

Extend the lifespan of your existing plant and equipment by up to Double

Poor electricity quality (experienced by approximately 90% of all Australian buildings) reduces the lifespan of motors, lighting and appliances. This results in increased repairs and maintenance costs, more frequent breakdowns and higher equipment replacement costs. Often equipment breakdowns have other implications on your core business, causing interruptions and impacting clients. How would it improve your profitability if you could extend the lifespan of your existing plant and equipment, by up to double in some cases?

More Peace and Quiet

Hotel swimming pool pumps often operate louder than they need to, reducing the ambience for guests. How much nicer is it for your guests to be able to relax with more peace and quiet? It’s a small thing, but it’s the small things that often impact guest experiences, repeat business and online reviews, and thus impact the longterm success of your business.

Owner Occupiers – boost the value of your real estate and business enterprise

If you’re an owner-occupier of your building, how can improving the energy efficiency of your building impact your business? How could the efficiency upgrade increase the value of your real estate? How could the financial and non-financial benefits of energy efficiency increase your enterprise value? If you’re publicly listed, how could lower operating expenses increase your earnings per share, and positively influence your market capitalisation.

Landlords – increase your revenue and asset values

If you have tenants in your building, energy efficiency improvements can help retain tenants for longer, increase occupancy rates and attract a premium. How does the increased net operating income influence the capitalised value of your asset?

When we meet with you, we focus on understanding what is of greatest value to you and your business, and how energy efficiency may generate benefits in these areas. This is crucial in our analysis of the different energy efficiency solutions and delivering the outcome of highest overall value to you and your business.

These are just a handful of benefits that our clients tell us they receive from our projects. We understand that electricity cost savings are only part of the equation. And normally there are other outcomes of far greater value to you and your business from an energy efficiency project.

Improve your business profitability and environmental performance.

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