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Most buildings have limited ability to change when they use electricity.

They are also at the mercy of the electricity companies, incurring maximum demand penalties and paying peak tariff structures within stipulated time frames.

Power outages from the grid are also frequent occurrences in many parts of Australia, causing business owners lost patronage, productivity and / or spoiled produce.


Battery energy storage is a providing a new approach to how energy is used. Equipment prices have started to reduce and are becoming more viable for commercial applications.

Batteries offer business owners greater flexibility:

  • Battery power can be used during periods of high demand to help offset maximum demand penalty charges.
  • Batteries can be charged during periods of off-peak rates and then supply power during peak rate periods.
  • Excess power from solar panel generation that would otherwise go to waste or be returned to the grid for negligible return, can be stored and used to offset energy consumption from the grid during peak tariff timeframes.
  • A backup source of power if electricity from the grid is interrupted. This may enable critical services within a building to continue to operate, to preserve food, or to maintain manufacturing production, or services to patrons.

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